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More Misc. Stuff Once Again

A Bunch Of It, Actually…

Some of you know I have been blogging every day without missing a day for numbers of years. I just thought I would point out that I have been doing this for almost 1,700 straight days. Almost there. If I remember, I will make note of the passing…

Next, a reminder…

about the North by Northwest Kickstarter. We have added some nifty rewards and one major one that is not there yet, but it is official. Here is is…

Classic Workshops Added as a Bonus…

That’s right. If you get a workshop credit through the Kickstarter we have going for our bookstore, you will also get a classic workshop for free. One classic workshop for every workshop you pledge. (And you can get as many as you want just by adding to the workshop rewards in increments of $250.)

So the workshops (just for the duration of the Kickstarter) are $250 instead of $300 and you get a free Classic Workshop worth $150.00. Pretty good deal if you are thinking of taking some writing or publishing workshops.

Also you can get the discounted rate on a lifetime subscription to lectures and also you can send a gift certificate of books to anyone now, not just schools or libraries.

We think one of the coolest things in the Kickstarter is the ability to donate books to a library or school and we will work with the school or library to get them books they want and need.

One of My Young Adult Novels…

It’s in a bundle right now of young adult novels by some top young adult writers. I feel lucky to be a part of it, actually, with my novel, the Adventures of Hawk.

So you can get my novel and some other great ones on If you like young-adult adventure fiction of all types, this bundle is for you or give it as a gift to a student who loves reading.

Novels From Challenge

I have read all the novels from the challenge that ended on January 15th, but need a few more nights to type up my final notes. Wow, did I get to read some great stuff. Very, very enjoyable.

And the writers all got a couple workshops out of it.

Got Some Great Comments on the Lifetime Workshops Subscription… 

A couple quick questions I answered, but figured I would mention here.

First the subscription includes all workshops, from the new Pop-up Weekenders, the Classic Workshops, the Strengths Workshops, and the Regular Workshops. Plus all new workshops added in over the future. Right now over 40 workshops which is over 1,600 videos. About 160 hours of learning with more coming.

The real key for many who are thinking of doing the subscription is that they can take the workshops at their own pace. If you want to do the assignments, just tell me ahead of time, but you have the workshops there when you need help on something. No waiting for a workshop to come around in three months.

And yes, if you want to take a new workshop when it opens, you can do the assignments along as the workshop comes active.

And yes, if you have credits, those count toward the ten workshops needed to get a discount. If you have nine, we call it close enough. (grin)


The printer has promised us Pulphouse #1 and the new Fiction River books will be in shortly. Way delayed since the printer is still working to catch up from the end of last year. And our order was a large one. We thought we had enough time, but nope.


And that’s enough stuff for one night. I have Anthology Workshop reading to finish.


  • Harvey

    Works for me. For anyone who hasn’t taken your workshops, they’re extremely worthwhile timewise and a bargain monetarily. I couldn’t pass up getting an online workshop plus a classic workshop for less than the usual cost of the online workshop alone. Folks, this is a great deal. If you’re serious about your writing at all, jump in.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Harvey. I think it’s a great deal as well. Tomorrow, with one week to go on the Kickstarter, I will add it there as well. But it applies now and for any workshop already signed up for on the Kickstarter.

  • Philip

    Dean, I’ve been wanting to take your Depth workshop in March (where you give feedback on assignments). A pledge of $250 gets me that $300 workshop?