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Planning Ahead in Writing Time

Knowing the Reality…

I got this great question from a writer asking me how I managed to remain so calm while getting behind on this challenge and having so much get in the way. I would say the answer is one simple word…


I was aware starting into this challenge that I had this last trip, and the workshop next month, and a ton of stuff to do that fell early on that had to be done and would take time away from the writing.

I also knew I had to build brand new writing habits here in my new home, and that would take some time. But I also knew that if I didn’t start into this challenge, I would do no writing and not start building those habits.

So the challenge to get myself going.

And awareness that it would start slow.

This challenge started on September 9th. It will end on December 18th. One hundred days. Now I am aware that I have very, very little to do between November 11th when I run a marathon and December 18th.

And October is lighter than this first month except for the five days of the major Business Master Class. Four spots still open if interested. Info at

So for these first weeks and this trip, my goal was to get the writing going, get some pages done, get the first novel done and off to everyone signed up to follow along.

I have managed that.

Now I will ramp up the time spent at the keyboard.

The challenge is 100 days long. I can write novels in five days if needed, and a year ago in July I wrote four novels in a row pacing them at 7 days each. So sure, it would be easier to write each book in ten days to get the ten, but sadly that is not how life, business, travel, and time work.

So how do I not get upset at life events causing the writing to be slower? Awareness and planning ahead.

Sounds easy, I know. Give it a try.

The hard part is remembering you planned for down times. (grin)



  • Lisa Nixon Richard

    Good Morning Dean,

    I have to thank you for always reminding us of those times we just can’t write even though we planned to get a lot accomplished. This week I thought I would have plenty of time. Unfortunately, health issues I have to deal with and a funeral are going to waylay two of my days. Without your reminders, I would be so stressed. Instead, I know that my time might not be the best for the week, but I have two good days to get things done.

  • allynh

    The Voice started last night, and once again too many people were saying, “This is now or never.” They then are so afraid of losing that they play it “safe” and don’t actually sing.

    – Too many people are so afraid to fail that they do everything to fail.

    If you watch the trailer for the new Captain Marvel movie, the part that brings tears to my eyes is how each time she fell down in life, she picked herself up again.

    Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer