Home Again

This was a Very Quick Trip…

And a very busy one. And fun.

I will know in the morning how well my holding my eating and weight under control worked. Tonight, Kris and I walked around the block a few times right after I got in around 11:30 so I could keep my 10,000 step streak going.

Did a bunch of writing in the Alaska Airline lounge at the Portland airport, but only a little on the plane because I got into a conversation with a very nice man who ran a major solar power plant outside of Vegas. Science fiction stuff in reality.

My first novel on my challenge is not yet done. I wanted to do a book every ten days, but this first one will lucky to be done in twenty.

I will do a blog later in the week on how to use challenge pressure correctly. Trust me, without this challenge, with all the stuff still going on in my life, I would have not written a word on this book. Let alone finish it this week.

So this challenge, so far, is a complete win, even though I am behind a little starting off.

So tired now from traveling, writing, great conversations, and relieved on being home.

More tomorrow.


  • D J Mills

    Wow, I would have loved to talk to a solar power plant owner before I wrote a cozy mystery centered around stolen solar power plant storage batteries. 🙂
    The whole trip sounded like fun. I am still following your writing challenge, while I try and pick up the pace with my output.