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Paul McCartney Took My Night

In An Amazing Three Hour Concert…

Living in Vegas just sucks, as you might be able to tell. (grin) We saw Lady Gaga’s jazz concert a few weeks ago and it was fantastic and tonight Kris and I headed out to dinner at the Mandalay Bay, then took the tram a mile or so and walked a short distance to where Paul McCartney and his band were playing.

Three straight hours, he never stopped and never left the stage. He’s 77, looks fantastic, sings better than ever, and puts on an amazing show. And then for one song Steven Tyler got up on stage with him.

Just wow. They don’t need to film superhero movies, just film one of Paul McCartney’s concerts. He’s 77 for heaven’s sake.

About half the concert was Beatles, a quarter was new stuff, a quarter was Wings. But all mixed. And he told some great stories and did a George Harrison song in tribute even.

Did I say he never left the stage or stopped for three straight hours?

Just flat amazing. And a fantastic concert.

So now, from just watching him, I am too tired to do email, so back with regular stuff tomorrow.


  • Bill Peschel

    He played in Hershey, and we could hear the concert from our house. It was fun to hear three notes and say “Band on the Run.”

    I should have paid the extra bucks to see him.

  • Andrew Hickey

    He’s fantastic. And the thing that nobody notices until it’s pointed out — he does those three-hour shows *without even stopping to have a sip of water*. I couldn’t get through two of those songs without having to drink something, but he never takes a sip. I’m not entirely sure he isn’t a robot…

  • Steve Lewis

    So, I have to ask: Am I the only one who thinks the title of this post sounds like the title to a Dean short story? Probably featuring Poker Boy?