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Pattern of Work

When the World Lets Me…

Which is has for the last few days. Great fun.

I start off doing email when I first get up and get going. Usually around noon or so.

Then errands and lunch.

Then around 3 or so I go down to our office and work down there for about an hour and a half, putting things together, sorting, putting up shelves, you name it. Basically physical work.

Then more email, then a quick nap and then dinner.

After dinner I am in here doing other stuff, including assignments and misc work at my computer. Often reading some. (Remember, bad eye so computer time is limited.)

Around ten I watch some show with Kris, then around 11 am I am back in here.

The last few days I haven’t been doing short stories because I wanted to focus on two things. (I will catch up the stories later.) So I have been working two hours every night doing the layout on the next issue of Smith’s Monthly. Been a learning curve, but fun. And I am picking up speed.

Then I take a break and come back and work two hours or so on Cave Creek novel. Almost done there. When that is finished I will go back to the short stories and also get the collaboration class going finally.

So it has been fun. Nothing much has gotten in the schedule’s way. I even took an hour break tonight to have an adventure. I went out to WalMart at around 9 pm. A 70 year old man in WalMart on a Friday night in Las Vegas. I think I saw things someone my age is never meant to see.


  • Philip

    Ever since my dad died in late October, I’ve had insomnia. I work from home for my day job, so there’s no commute. The combination of those two conditions has made me own the late nights and write between 12 AM and 2 AM. It’s kind of cool creating stories while burning the midnight oil.

  • Mark Kuhn

    A 70 year old man in a Las Vegas Walmart on a Friday night.

    That alone is more than enough of a trigger to write about a hundred science fiction stories!