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Past Crimes

A Fantastic Storybundle…

One week ago today a Storybundle at launched called Past Crimes. Now, I love crime stories, have published many over the decades, and I have a top-selling series of twisted mystery series with my Cold Poker Gang stories and novels, one of which is in this bundle.

And I have had the luck of being able to curate a number of Storybundles. And I personally think this is the best one I have ever done, and also the best one I have been lucky enough to have a book in. And I sure don’t say that lightly.

Being in the company of mystery writers like Lawrence Block, Rebecca Cantrell, Vincent Zandri, Kris Nelscott, David H. Hendrickson, Melissa Yi, Leah Cutter, and Robert Jeschonek just sort of takes my breath away. The amazing talent and stories will keep you reading for a month.

And honestly, at heart, even us old-time, jaded writers get gosh-wowed at certain times, and this bundle has me feeling that. Like I’m a beginning writer again and just not feeling like I belong.

So there are two weeks left in this bundle before it vanishes. Grab it, and see if you don’t agree with me. You will thank me for the fantastic reading.