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Our Holiday Season Started

With A 5K Run/Walk Under the Holiday Lights

Three miles of holiday lights with over 2,000 people, mostly families, in pajamas.

It is held at the big Nascar track and they decorate the entire area under the grandstands, around both ends of the track, and along the edge of the big track. Three miles of some of the best holiday lights I have ever seen. For the entire holiday season it is for cars to drive around under it with their radio tuned to a holiday music channel. But to open it, they do this massive charity 5k run with everyone wearing pajamas. Families of parents, kids, and grandparents all dressed up in matching PJs is a site to behold.

Temperature was about 70 at sunset with no wind. I don’t think it would be possible to order exactly any better weather. Kris and I both ran the first half mile, then met on a hill going up into the grandstand area and just slow-walked the rest of the way, enjoying the lights and all the people.

I couldn’t get pictures, of course, of the families, but I did get some pictures of the lights and dogs in pjs. Lots and lots of dogs in pjs.

But what was so cool is how fun this event was, being with so many people having fun, celebrating the season. After this last year wow did we all need that.

So for Kris and I, our holiday season got off to a fantastic and fun start tonight. And we hope to keep it fun all the rest of the way through.

Have I said lately how much I love this crazy city?


  • Britt Malka

    That looked like lots of fun. And I loved the view on the last image with the mountains in the background. Fabulous.

    Right, it’s almost 11 pm here, so I’m off to do my almost daily resistance band exercises. I gotta keep up with my writing teacher. 😀