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Only 12 Hours Left…

Ends At 5PM Friday West Coast Time…

The Kristine Kathryn Rusch STARTER KIT Kickstarter Campaign has hit 9 Stretch Rewards, so just for those everyone gets 9 more books and stories of Kris’s, plus eight of the Interview Classes where I interview Kris about one of her series. Those will be fun for both writers and readers. And they are worth $400.

So not much I can say. Ten books or stories in the STARTER KIT that are books or stories that start ten of Kris’s different series. Great workshops that will never be offered again in twelve hours. And eight free interview classes plus nine more books.

This was a good campaign, even though it was only ten days long. Really good stuff.

Don’t miss it. Just twelve or so hours left.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch STARTER KIT Kickstarter Campaign

And Licensing Expo just ended and I am home and exhausted. More on that later.



  • Connor Whiteley

    Glad Kris’ Kickstarter is doing great and really looking forward to those interviews, and the coming videos for the Masterclass.

    I’ll definitely go to the Expo in the next three to five years because I would love to see what is possible with all our IP. But London to Vegas is about £1500 ($2000+), can’t afford that for the flight alone at the moment.

    Glad/hope it went well for everyone.

    • Kris+Rusch

      There is a much much smaller version in London every year, Connor. You might go, though, and see what you can see.