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One Day Extension of the Sale

Because It Took Me So Long On the Classic Workshops…

But finally got all six up late tonight, so extending the Last Sale for one day to give everyone a chance at the six new classic workshops, or other workshops you might have missed. I will pull the plug on the sale late Monday evening.

The six classic workshops that are now available are:

  • Covers101
  • Heinlein’s Rules
  • Writing with Speed
  • Writing Short Stories
  • Writing Sales Copy
  • Media Kits

And everything else is still available as well.

Everything is on WMG Teachable. Everything is 50% off if you use the code:


after you hit purchase.

I do mean everything. Any questions, feel free to write me.



  • Chong Go

    Thanks, Dean!
    I just picked up the Media Kits workshop. That looks like a good one for pulling together all of the promo stuff.

  • Linda Niehoff

    A question. This isn’t really related (other than I’m watching Quick Solutions: Advanced Writing into the Dark that I bought in this last sale). But Dean. Are we getting a DB Cooper story in the Holiday Spectacular? Did I hear this right?!

  • Mark Kuhn

    Thanks for putting up the Short Stories workshop. I bought it last night. I got up this morning, started writing at about 8 A.M. and a little after 2 P.M. I had finished a 3800 word story. I read through it, fixed a couple of typos and sent it off to Asimov’s. Don’t ask how I won that battle with critical voice, but I did.