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Holiday Spectacular In Last Days!!

It’s Doing Great!…

Just about three days left, although Kickstarter is counting in hours. The campaign is just about to hit the 5th stretch goal, which will unlock more books for everyone, and more workshops as well.

39 stories this year, one delivered every day from Thanksgiving (November 24th through January 1st. Over thirty professional writers wrote for it. Hugo Award winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch did all the editing.

Talk about fun. And they make fantastic gifts. Who wouldn’t love to get a gift that goes and goes and goes for the entire holiday season.

And there are two special workshops on the topics of two of the anthologies Kris will be editing for next year, so the third assignment in each workshop is to write a story for Kris for the Holiday Spectacular 2023. Only place those workshops will ever be available is through the Kickstarter Campaign. Don’t miss them. One is how to write Hardboiled Mystery Holiday Story and the other is how to write surprises in stories without cheating.

Let me be clear here for those of you interested in both learning writing and having a chance to sell a story to Kristine Kathryn Rusch and next year’s Holiday Spectacular.

First, you get learning on how to write certain stories, stories of the type that Kris is looking for. Second, on the third assignment, you get to write a story that Kris might make you an offer for the anthology if she likes it. (You don’t have to take the offer, but pretty silly not to. It would be a professional sale at 6 cents per word.)

And if you take both for a special discounted price, you get to write her two stories. See all the details on the campaign. Great learning (the important part) with a bonus of maybe having a professional editor buy a story or two from you.

Take a look at the campaign right here.

Below is the video by Kris.