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November Workshops Update

November Workshop Update

All letters have been sent out to those signed up for the November Online workshops.

So if you think you are signed up for a November workshop, or would like to be, fire me a letter. Lots of room in all of them.

And also at the moment the Coast Anthology workshop group list is starting up. The workshop starts February 25th and because the list has started, we have had a few drop out, so there are some spots open.

If interested, write me. The coast workshops are for those writers really powering toward making a living with their fiction in one fashion or another. It might not be right for you, but if interested, give it a try and write me.

Now I can get back to writing tomorrow. Wow, won’t that be a shocker. (grin)
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  • Harvey

    Dean, since the next Coast workshop is the Anthology workshop, I assume it’s primarily for those who write short fiction. Is that correct? Looking forward to the POV workshop day after tomorrow.

    • dwsmith

      Harvey, it’s for anyone who can write short fiction. Most of the writers attending are novelists. But they can produce short fiction on demand. It’s for professionals driving toward making more of their fiction writing in the new world.