Nothing Today…

Taking a Break…

Mostly from time at the screens. Tomorrow I work in about four hours of writing time into my normal daily schedule. Then also about a half hour to write a blog here about the writing of the day.

Openings for me are slower than the center and end of the book, so my hope is 5,000 words tomorrow, but might not hit that right off the bat. Lots of things have to change and come together to make this challenge work.

So this could be interesting to start with. Most certainly the hardest part of the entire challenge.

So now getting away from here. Going to rest my eye.

See you tomorrow.


  • JM6

    So, has Angel started the usual cat thing of trying to climb in your lap while you’re writing? Or does she have her own chair to nap in while you’re doing that? Or does she have other things to do?

    • dwsmith

      When it was just her and me downstairs she did that, but since we have moved up here and Kris and two other cats, she has been busy. (grin)