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Day Two Prolog…

For July Challenge Writing Four Novels in July…

Plus during the same time I will write this nonfiction book as a series of blogs here every night. So if this works, five full books in one month.

This blog here will be (in altered form) the prolog to the book. Chapter One will be the first day of writing.

This prolog is basically about my attitude and what I am doing to get ready for the challenge.

First off, I can say what I am not doing. I am not planning any book ahead. I do know that the first book will be a Pakhet Jones novel, the first one in that series. She is a superhero in the world of cats in my Poker Boy universe. I wrote eight short stories from her point of view for the cat collections, the only original stories in those 12 books, actually. I just wanted to do that and since I had only written one cat story out of all the hundreds and hundreds over the years, I figured it was time.

The only reason that is first is because Kris has a bundle of books coming up through and I kind of want to be in it. So this was going to be my next novel no matter what.

Again, no idea what it will be about except it will be from Pakhet’s point of view. Should be fun.


Since we just moved, I didn’t have my writing computer set up, so tonight I did that, making sure everything was working. (I have a mouse that skips some, so might need a new computer by the time this is over. Oh, joy.)

Kris, who knows my schedule, seems to think I can carve out the four hours or so each day to write. So that backed up what I had felt as well. She reminded me that I had done 30 short stories on a challenge in April three years ago while in the process of moving us to Vegas, so if I could do that, I could most certainly do this. Yup, that was much harder. I wrote all of them on an iPad. I still have that same iPad, so might sit in a few restaurants and write chapters on this challenge.

Anyhow, my writing computer is set up and if I turn to the right I have a fantastic view of the condo pool and beyond that the north side of the Strip and the Stat and the brand new mega resort that just opened.

Everyone at WMG Publishing is ready for me to send them a new novel and a new issue of Smith’s Monthly every week. Luckily I have a lot of short stories built up and also am in the process of serializing Stories from July in six parts. (Lots of short stories per issue in this six issues.)


I spent a lot of time today catching up email and doing workshop assignments. I also spent a lot of time down in our other two condos planning the work it will be to get out of them by the end of July, since we gave notice on both today. Some of that time is time I have planned each day, but today I spent almost two hours more than I will normally there.

I won’t have to spend the hour or so setting up my writing computer I did today. Or the hour or so filling a full shelf of my brag shelf. A one time thing.

So without even looking at smaller chunks of time, I easily found four hours today I could have been writing.

So feeling pretty good about this challenge. I can feel the critical voice trying to get a toe in the door. But I am chopping those off easily. This is going to be too much fun.

So one more day to get a bunch of misc stuff out of the way tomorrow, then on July 1st I fire up. Wish it was tomorrow, actually. That’s how excited I am to start.

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  • Daniel+Fellows

    I cannot wait to read these during the month. Late last month I gave myself the goal of writing a book and have it finished by July 31 and then have it published in August. These “writing in the public” posts are such a huge motivation for me. Good luck!