No Time

Watching World Series…

17 Innings and still going, so used all my blog time for that and still didn’t get to see the end, since I have to be up early for a run tomorrow. And I don’t even much like baseball on television or either team for that matter.

But 17 innings. Wow, that was fun to watch for a time.

Maybe a better blog finally tomorrow.


  • Janine

    Lasted longer than me. I checked out in the 13th inning (then again, I live on the east coast). Baseball is one of my favorite things to watch and I’ve lost entire writing days to watching games on TV. Funny enough, some writers keep telling me that “people aren’t interested in my baseball musings”. But I think it’s more interesting to blog about baseball than to blog writing tip after writing tip, or worse, in depth politics (which I avoid due to personal reasons and it rarely ends well).

  • Philip

    That was wild. I actually hate both teams but it reminds me of when I was a kid and me and my brother went to a Phillies game that went 20 innings. We actually only stayed for for about 14 because it was way past our curfew.

  • djmills

    I think you have “information overload” like I had studying for each university exam years ago. Best thing is rest and other things like running, watching TV, etc until your brain sorts out all the information from the workshop. Enjoy your run. I have eBooks to read while waiting for any breadcrumbs of info from the workshop.