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No Comments?

Sort Of Surprised…

We have the woman who runs the international licensing expo coming to the Master Business Class to help us all, and no comments. Not sure what I was expecting, but dead silence, even in private emails, sure wasn’t one of the expectations.

No need to comment now. Just found it interesting with all the excitement among so many writers about licensing opportunities.

So now off I go to work on more chapters of Trademark for Fiction Writers. Night…


  • Cora

    I would have posted an “ooooooohhhhh” but since travel is out for me for the rest of the year, I’d just get annoyed with myself for not being able to go. Believe me, I would if I could but I can’t. And it’s frustrating. Maybe next year?

  • J Burkitt

    Love your books
    Easy reading and always thrilling
    Doc, Annie & Fleet add an awesome dimension to the crime solving
    Just finished the 4th book
    Seems there are more dead bodies in each book !!
    Cold Call was excellent
    I do have an observation
    Whoever is proofreading your books is missing a lot of important things
    Wrong characters, misspelled names, grammatical mistakes, etc
    I still love the books
    Can’t wait to start on the next
    Cold Poker Gang Story
    Love all the central characters

    • dwsmith

      Thanks for the kind words. We did have a name issue in a couple of those early Cold Poker Gang books. That was on me and it is now fixed. (Dead wife had a different name in a second book.) So names and such are on me. And I don’t allow anyone to touch my grammar so if think something is wrong grammatically, that we can discuss between a reader and a professional writer telling a story. I try to make my characters real and not a real person on the planet talks grammatically correct. So seems that all the problems are not on proofers, but on me, as they should be. (grin)

      Glad you still liked the books.