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Nifty Short Ad for Pulphouse Kickstarter

Thought You Would All Enjoy The Attitude…

Below is a link to a short ad that WMG Publishing did for the Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter. It will be on Facebook and other places in a little bit.

I think it fits the attitude of Pulphouse wonderfully. If I can’t have fun with this new/old project, no point in doing it.


For those of you who are getting workshop credits through Kickstarter, for every workshop credit, you will also get a Classic Workshop credit.

That’s right, a $150 value workshop.

I just am finishing putting into classic status Genre Structure workshop. I have about five workshops more to get up, bringing the total of Classic Workshops to around ten or eleven by December. With more to follow.

So say if you get three workshop credits through the Pulphouse Kickstarter, you also get three Classic Workshops for free.

And yes, if you took a Classic Workshop when it was a regular and want to look at it again, just write me and I’ll tell you how to get into the workshop.

You can see the lectures and classic workshops at Again, there are five or so Classic Workshops there now, more coming every three days or so. (takes that long to load them.)

I had one question. If you want to get more than three workshop credits through Kickstarter to use at any time in the future, just go to the three workshop reward and pledge more in units of $250.  So say you wanted to buy four, that would be a $1,000 pledge on that $750 level and we will take care of it when all done.

And you would get four classic workshops as well, also taken care of when all finished, not counting the subscription to Pulphouse.



  • DS Butler

    What a great deal, Dean 🙂 I pledged the $750 for the 3 workshops so to get the classics as an extra is an unexpected bonus. Thank you! Looking forward to the new Novel Structure workshop, too.

  • Gnondpom

    That’s amazing value for money! Basically you pay $250 for a $450 value (one regular and one classic workshop). And if you haven’t taken one of Kris and Dean’s workshop yet, they are definitely worth every cent of the regular price, let alone a discounted price.

    I guess I’ll have quite a lot of learning ahead of me after this Kickstarter 🙂 Plus of course a lot of fun reading. Thanks!