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Anthology Workshop Surprise

I Was Surprised to Say the Least…

Tonight I was doing a quick check of the upcoming coast workshops. We have the Master Business class here in a couple weeks, then the next up is the Anthology Workshop. That actually is the 24th of February to March 3rd.

But the group list for the Anthology workshop will start in a week and the actual workshop starts at the end of November when the first writing assignments are sent out. Just over a month away.

I had not looked at how many were signed up in a long time. My focus was elsewhere, to be honest, but tonight I discovered there are still seven spots open.

I was shocked, to say the least.

This year not only are the seven editors reading for Fiction River Anthologies, but Denise Little is one of the editors and she is the editor of Heart’s Kiss Magazine, an amazing new magazine that has been going for about a year now or so. Kris has been selling Denise stories regularly since the magazine started.

Some history. This workshop used to be called “The Denise Little Workshop” because it was just me and Denise reading for anthologies that often came out of Daw or Baen, sold through the old Teckno Books. Then we expanded the workshop over four years and changed it to the Anthology Workshop. This is the first year Denise will be back as an editor.

So let me get this straight. Seven editors talking about and fighting over your stories and deciding if they want to buy them or not.

You write six stories ahead of time to assignments. Two in early December, four in January, one per week.

At the workshop I am reading for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Denise will be reading for maybe a Fiction River Anthology as well as Heart’s Kiss Magazine, and the other editors will be buying for Fiction River Anthologies. All professional markets.

And there are still seven spots open???  Seriously??? I expected this workshop to be full with a waiting list by this point.

But nope. So if you want a chance to sell to Pulphouse, Fiction River, or Heart’s Kiss, plus do some amazing networking with other pro writers including editor and writer Mark Leslie from Kobo, write me.

Seven spots and I am sure that a few writers will drop out as I start up the group list in a week.

I am just stunned there are still spots open. Write me if interested in snagging one of those spots. It will be a workshop to remember, of that there is no doubt.

More information at


Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Kickstarter

We are halfway through the Kickstarter, with ten days left.

And we are almost halfway to the third stretch goal, which is fantastic. What a great base of readers to start with before we even put out an issue.

Thank you everyone.

And even more fun is if we can hit that stretch goal, we get to do another Pulphouse Fiction Magazine book. This one will be called, No Way: The Twisted Stories of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

We might change that to No Way: Really Twisted Stories with the magazine stuff as a subtitle like we did the first book. We shall see if we hit it.




  • J. D. Brink

    It’s a surprise to me that the Masters Class is only a week and a half away! I’ve been too darn busy to notice. I hope I’m not missing any important prep. So looking forward to a break from “real life” to learn a ton of writing stuff. A week of nothing but dream work to get away from the waking world!

    • dwsmith

      No prep, other than bring a huge notebook to fill with notes and stuff. More information than you can imagine.

  • BV Lawson

    Thanks for offering these workshops, including the anthology workshop, which sounds like a wonderful opportunity. To be honest, I would love to take part but due to family health crises right now, I’m barely able to catch my breath, let alone write much. Sure hope you continue to offer these programs in the future and for supporting short fiction – best wishes for much success!