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Nifty Bundle from BundleRabbit

The Haunted Bundle…

In case you folks are not familiar with Bundlerabbit, you should be. They are doing some really interesting new things. Get on their mailing list for some amazing deals from top writers.

I am part of a bundle there called the Haunted Bundle. You can buy the bundle not only through Bundlerabbit, but through Kobo, Amazon, and other places. Nifty, huh? Twenty stories. Kris has a story in the bundle as well. (The story I have in the bundle is a “Ghost of a Chance” story that originally appeared in Stories from July.)

One nifty feature of the site is go to the location of the bundle and scroll down and see all the covers, but then hover over the image and you can click on a button that says “details” which takes you to the blurb for the story and author information.

The site is beautiful and works wonderfully and the stories and bundles being put together through there are amazing. I’m lucky to be a part of a bundle there once in a while.