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New Writing Bundle

NanoWriMo Writing Bundle…

Every year Kevin J. Anderson puts together a fantastic bundle of writing books through And this year, in my opinion, he outdid any other year.

I have read or looked at most of the books in this group, and I know a lot of the authors, and folks, this bundle is a real deal.

Craig Martelle from the 20to50 conferences has a book in here. Joanna Pen, Kevin McLaughline, Blaze Ward, Jamie j. Ferguson, Simon Haynes, and Andrea Pearson to name just a few.

Plus Kris has a great book and Kevin and Rebecca teamed up to write one as well. And, of course, I got one, my very first nonfiction book on writing that detailed out my experience writing a 70,000 word ghost novel in ten days.

You folks like to keep learning, this is the bundle for you.

And check out the fantasy story bundle running right now on as well. I have a novel in it as well.


  • Darren Blake

    I have been grabbing the NaNoWriMo bundle for at least the last four years. I also grab the summer Writing bundles when I catch them, as well. I read your books first each time. Your approach to writing, which goes against the grain of “conventional wisdom” is a refreshing change of pace. It is because of you that I gained a little hope that I might be able to make a go of writing — at least as a hobby.

    Thank you for all you do to break down the walls and make the writing world more accessible.

    • dwsmith

      Thanks, Darren, for the kind comments. Writing is very accessible once you start cleaning out all the myths and having fun with telling stories.

      So keep having fun with it, hobby or not, there is nothing better than telling stories.