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A Few More Hours On The Half-Priced Sale

Leaving the Coupon Code Active until Wednesday Evening…

Since yesterday was a holiday here in the States, and today it seems like half of the West Coast is either covered in smoke, worried about fire, out of power, or all three, Kris and I figured we would let the code stay active until Wednesday evening. That way everyone had a chance to get a workshop or class that they wanted.

The code to get anything on WMG Publishing’s Teachable is:


Those of you in the Space Opera Workshop, I mentioned on Week #2 you should look at the four Pop-Ups. Well, the codes were going to go out today, but our offices in Lincoln City are out of power and the entire city is so deep in smoke and refugees from a fire, they can’t do anything at the moment.

Our offices and fine folks at WMG are not in any danger from the fire. Just no way to work.

For a while all three roads in and out of Lincoln City were closed and power has now been out well over 24 hours. So hang on for those stretch rewards, which includes the four Pop-Ups. They will be coming as things clear.

And by the way, if you missed the Return of Boss Kickstarter campaign, you can still do Late Pledges for anything that was on the Kickstarter, including the Pop-Ups and October class of Space Opera. Not sure how long we will be taking the late pledges, but you can get them now.

Return of Boss Late Pledges