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New Workshops and Last Day of the Sale

Half-Price Sale ends late Sunday Evening…

And I got a number of new workshops up, three just today before the sale ends.

The big new class, starting in September is the regular six-week workshop SEPTEMBER APPLIED DEPTH. (You must have taken the Depth workshop to take this one. Yes, it will be offered every month for a while.)

Also today I put up three new classic workshops as promised.

Classic Pulp Speed

Classic Power Words

Classic Making a Living from Novels

These originally were six week regular workshops, but are now classic. Only differences are that you take them at your own speed and do the assignments only for yourself. Plus they cost less.

And last night I put up the Kris videos for the book LESSONS FROM WRITING OF THE FEY. Very powerful lessons on the ups and downs of publishing and sticking with it.

To get any of the classes or workshops on the sale for one more day, go to WMG Teachable

And find the class, then hit purchase and on the next page put in the code:


Then hit apply and you should have it for 50% off.

One thing I want to tell you about. The Lifetime Workshop Subscription has $17,625 in workshop value in it. The normal cost is $3,000, but you can get it for half price during the sale. Amazing deal, just amazing.

Here is a list of the September Regular Workshops…


Class #21… Sept 6th … Covers 101
Class #22… Sept 6th … Heinlein’s Rules
Class #23… Sept 6th … Writing with Speed
Class #24… Sept 6th… Writing Into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 6th … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 7th … Writing Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 7th … Killing Critical Voice
Class #29… Sept 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #30… Sept 7th … Advanced Depth
Class #31… Sept 7th … Media Kit
Class #32… Sept 7th … Applied Depth

And remember all four of the challenges can be joined for half price, as well as all the new Study Along classes.


Fantasy Caper Study-Along in January

Time Travel Romance Study-Along in March

Romantic Suspense Study-Along in May

Fantasy Thriller Study-Along in July

Romance Ghosts Study-Along in September 2023

Time Travel Mystery Study-Along in November 2023

Science Fiction Mystery Study-Along in January 2024

(If interested in the in-person classes that are the base for these, write me. The fee is $750 until September 1st, then $1,000 after.)

Remember, go to WMG Teachable

And use the code


to get anything on teachable at half price.