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New Workshop Starting In September…

Yes, Another One…

Lifetime Subscribers to the online workshops have been in heaven lately, with a new workshop just about every month this spring and summer. And now another new one in September. (And I will be putting up on Teachable the September workshops shortly. And the October workshops as well.)

We have done a Licensing 101 workshop that is offered every month.

And then we added in a Publishing 101 workshop, also now offered every month.

So continuing that series, we will start in September a COVERS 101 workshop.

That’s right, for everyone too afraid to do their own covers, here is the workshop that will teach you how in step-by-step detail. And if you are already doing some covers, this will also help you in a ton of details to make your covers better.

A lot better.

You will be able to do your own covers by the time you finish this workshop. No more paying for covers. No more being afraid to publish something because of having to do a cover.

We touched on covers a little bit in the Publishing 101 class, but not that much compared to a full six weeks of step-by-step how to do them.

We are doing a Kickstarter Basics workshop right now that just started. This step-by-step guide to Kickstarter is similar to how we will do the Covers 101 workshop, only with a lot more art and design talk. Lots of details and a lot of why you do something a certain way in book covers to make them look professional.

Spacing, fonts, reasons for tag lines, author name, branding, and so, so much more.

Allyson and I talked a lot about this today and how it can be done and worked out a bunch of details. We have a few lectures on looking at Mystery or SF covers, but again, that does not help you learn all the basics, the shortcuts, the fonts, the tricks of layout and design and doing your own covers. Both front covers and wrap covers for hardbacks.

And we used to do this in an in-person workshop at the coast, but that was only once and we could never figure out how to move it online. Until now.

I can do a cover in about twenty minutes for a short story. Or magazine cover. Allyson is a master at them and she does all my novel covers as well as all of Kris’s covers. So the two of us combined will make this a learning experience that will change your publishing business and help you get more sales.

Starts in September. Again, it will take me a few days to get the September and October workshops up and ready on Teachable. So these are the last two days to jump into an August workshop.

COVERS 101, the third in our 101 series of workshops. Coming in September.

Hope it sounds as exciting to some of you as it does for us to do it. We have had this idea on our list for years, but until lately just never figured out how to do it. Now we got it and I think it’s going to be great. And make you all a lot of money.


  • Nathan Haines

    The Sci-Fi covers lecture immediately improved my first cover (although it was horror), and was enlightening. And the Publishing 101 workshop was also very helpful as far as cover and author branding goes.

    So a dedicated workshop on covers sounds like an incredible bargain. That lifetime workshop subscription just keeps getting better and better!

  • Cora

    Can’t wait for the new workshop. Publishing 101 was great. The KickStarter is great so far too. Thanks Dean.

  • Mark



    “I can do a cover in about twenty minutes for a short story. Or magazine cover. Allyson is a master at them and she does all my novel covers as well as all of Kris’s covers.”

    I’m very keen to learn and apply WMG’s workflow for covers.

  • E. R. Paskey

    Ooh, this is exciting news! I’ve got both WMG’s cover lectures and they’ve been very helpful, but a dedicated workshop? That sounds amazing!

    I’ve been doing my own covers for years, so they don’t scare me, but I would love to learn more tips/tricks/etc. and improve.

    Thank you!

    • dwsmith

      Maybe a little on the same topic, but from a completely different direction. This is the details of covers and how to do them, step-by-step. Thus the 101 designation.

      So many writers think, “Oh, I should brand my work.” But have not one clue how or what branding even is and how readers see and use branding. Like all our 101 classes, this is the why as well as the how.

  • Raymund Eich

    I’m very interested in this workshop. For assignments, what file formats will you want to receive? If I don’t use InDesign, can I still take the workshop?

    • dwsmith

      We will not teach any design program. This is a covers class on how to do professional covers, not be an expert in some program. And yes, any assignment as long as you can generate a jpg file, which you need to do anyway, is fine.

  • Desikan

    Definitely benefiting from the lifetime subscription to workshops 🙂 I can feel the difference in my writing. Thanks Dean/Kris.

    Recently tried out doing a cover for one of my stories just for practice and realized the challenges involved. Made me more aware of the nitty gritty stuff that goes into the cover design. Looking forward for the COVERS 101.