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New Special Stretch Goal!!

Never Before Seen Kickstarter Campaign…

The campaign consists of two novellas, two novelettes, and two short stories. All original mystery stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Never Before Seen link.

Right Now the Campaign is Doing Great. 

It has 92 backers in just the first few days. But Kris has come up with a very special stretch goal for all backers if we can get to 120 backers by late Sunday evening, three days from now.

Special Stretch Goal!

If the campaign gets to 120 backers by late Sunday, all backers get a very special electronic edition of the mystery novella, “The Wedding Ring.” Actually you will get two versions and a special introduction by Kris.

This novella was first published in Ellery Queen Magazine to great acclaim, but it was not Kris’s preferred edition, so she including her preferred edition with the published edition and adding an introduction to explain how it all came about.

This is something really special. Here is the sales copy for the Preferred Edition of “The Wedding Ring.”

The Wedding Ring

The Author-Preferred Edition

When Serena meets Dylan in a casino hallway, she embraces the fairy tale. Whirlwind romance, amazing sex, Vegas wedding, all of it.

But when the fairy tale ends abruptly, she vows to find out why. And what she discovers proves more shocking than winning big in Vegas.

Named one of the best short mysteries of the year by SeuthSayers, this author-preferred edition contains the original novella and the never-before-published sexy version, as well as an introduction from the author. Perfect for writers and readers alike, the two versions of “The Wedding Ring” show how subtle differences make for different stories.


So help us pass the word and get to 120 backers by Sunday night late so all backers get this wonderful new book.

Here is the basics of the campaign in general…

Get the electronic editions of these six original never-before-seen mysteries by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

–Olivia’s House
–Stealth Bloggers
–The Viral Video Guy
–Morning Shift
–Every Little Thing
–Take Your Daughter to Work Day

All six are given with every other reward, so you will get these six great stories no matter what. They will be delivered before the holiday, so you can also give them as a gift.

Great Special Workshop Available…

For the writers who love to write mysteries and learn the craft of writing, we are offering a very, very special treat through this Kickstarter campaign. This will only be offered through the nine days of this campaign and nowhere else, so don’t miss it.


This is a special three-week workshop on how to write a mystery using current events in a legal and safe manner. This is a tricky area and we will not be giving legal advice, just writer suggestions on what to do and what to be careful of and when to talk with an attorney before moving forward.

(This class will also be good advice for writing other genres with current events.)

And Kris will read the stories from the third week’s assignments. This will be offered twice, so you get your choice of starting January 9th or January 30th.

This special workshop will only be offered for nine days through this Kickstarter. Plus you get the six original, never-before-seen mystery stories.

Never Before Seen link