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New Regular Workshop

Using Paradox in Your Fiction…

This is a new regular workshop starting February 7th. It will be available as a regular workshop for at least six months.  It is on Teachable.

As we said last fall, we will be adding in a bunch of new regular workshops this year. This is the first.

Here is the basic description…

Learn how to use the concept of paradox in your fiction writing. 

Paradox pits two seemingly unrelated elements together, which by the very nature creates great stories and tension.

Nothing in great fiction is ever what it seems. And in fiction, if it is, that is boring and boring is deadly to great storytelling.

This regular workshop is six weeks of covering the major areas of paradox in fiction with five assignments.

As Howard Suber talks about, there are the three elements of desire, deception, and discovery in fiction, all driven by elements of paradox.

You will be a better storyteller after this class.​

Here is the list of the February Regular Workshops…

  • #14… Feb 6th… Writing into the Dark
  • #15… Feb 6th… Teams in Fiction
  • #16…Feb 7th… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #17… Feb 7th… Paradox in Fiction
  • #18…Feb 7th… Advanced Depth
  • #20…Feb 7th… Killing the Critical Voice

Also remember, the class A FIFTY YEAR PERSPECTIVE ON LEARNING starts on the 6th. It is on Teachable.

Lifetime Workshop Subscribers, this new workshop is in your subscription. (Everything subscribers find it in the Lifetime Workshop subscription.)

​Speaking of Lifetime Subscriptions…

Lifetime Subscriptions Half Off Sale Extended…

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