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Advanced Business Lectures Now Offered…

Below is not only a list of all the lectures available (25 of them), but also the six new lectures in the Advanced Business for Writers lecture series. Plus a list of planned coming lectures. (We will end up after this with 38 available lectures on writing and publishing.)

After two years of not doing new lectures, we are back with a vengeance thanks to the ease of Teachable.com.

Since I am going to be starting to record these Advanced Business Lectures this week, we decided to offer a special rate on them, plus a special subscription rate to all lectures and upcoming lectures.

For just a short time, meaning about a week or so, we will offer the following two subscriptions.

— All six Advanced Business Lectures… $250.00 ($300 value)

— Subscription to any twelve lectures… $400.00 ($600 value.)

The twelve lecture subscription can include the Advanced Business Lectures, existing lectures, or other lectures coming this summer and fall.

To get the subscription rate, simply write me with the word lectures in your subject line and tell me which subscription you would like. Pay through Paypal as normal with workshops. (Write me for details.)

As the new videos get launched, I will send you a coupon code to get in. If you want any of the already existing lectures, I will send you those codes at once when you sign up.

Again, this is a very limited time offer. A week or so. We have never done a subscription on lectures before and the only reason we are doing it this time for a short time is because we are restarting them all and this new Business Series.

All lectures can be done at your own pace.

— These are video lectures. Each lecture is made up of a number of videos each about six to eight minutes long.

— You can come and go and watch a lecture at your own pace. And come back as often as you would like for as long as you like.

— All lectures that are available now can be found at:


(Future lectures will also be there when finished recording.)



In May and through June, one new lecture per week in this special series will be added. Each lecture will consist of between 9 and 15 videos.


— 1…Corporations for Writers…$50.00

— 2…Taxes for Writers…$50.00

— 3…Movies and Television Negotiations for Writers…$50.00

— 4…Estates and Estate Planning for Writers…$50.00

— 5…Copyright and Control for Writers…$50.00

— 6…IP Valuation Dangers and Possibilities for Writers…$50.00



— Controlling the Fear of Failure in Writing and Publishing… $50.00

— Think Like a Romance Writer… $50.00

— How to Edit an Anthology or Curate a Bundle… $50.00

— Think Like a Mystery Writer… $50.00

— How to Study a Story… $50.00

— Prepping to Write a Book Quickly… $50.00

— Dangers of Perfection and How to Avoid Them… $50.00

And many more… Suggestions welcome.



As I said above, for just a short time, meaning about a week or so, we will offer the following two subscriptions.

— All six Advanced Business Lectures… $250.00 ($300 value)

— Subscription to any twelve lectures… $400.00 ($600 value.)

It can include the Advanced Business Lectures, existing lectures, or other lectures coming this summer and fall.


The Available Lectures

Full descriptions of each lecture are under the lecture tab at the top of this site.

The Available Lectures:

— Heinlein’s Rules… Dean Wesley Smith 15 videos… $75.00

— Read Like a Writer… Kristine Kathryn Rusch… 8 videos… $50.00

— How to Write a Short Story: The Basics… Kristine Kathryn Rusch…. 7 videos… $50.00

— Writer’s Block and Procrastination… Dean Wesley Smith… 8 videos… $50.00

— Carving Time Out for Your Writing… Dean Wesley Smith…. 8 videos… $50.00

— How to Research for Fiction Writers… Kristine Kathryn Rusch…. 14 videos… $75.00

— Pen Names: Help With the Decision… Dean Wesley Smith…. 10 videos… $50.00

— Motivation: Starting Easier and Writing More… Dean Wesley Smith…. 9 videos… $50.00

— Practice: The Attitude and Methods of Practice in Fiction… Dean Wesley Smith…. 10 videos… $50.00

— Master Plot Formula: How and Why It Works Today… Dean Wesley Smith…. 9 videos… $50.00

— Prolific Lecture: How to Become a Prolific Fiction Writer… Dean Wesley Smith…. 10 videos… $50.00

— The Stages of a Fiction Writer: How to Know Where You Are In Learning and How To Move Upward… Dean Wesley Smith…. 11 videos… $50.00

— Starting Writing. Or Restarting Your Writing… Dean Wesley Smith…. 9 videos… $50.00

— Endings: How to Write Them and Understand What Makes a Good Ending… Dean Wesley Smith…. 9 videos… $50.00

— Your Writing as an Investment Lecture… Dean Wesley Smith…. 9 videos… $50.00

— How to Think Like a Science Fiction Writer Lecture… Kristine Kathryn Rusch….11 videos… $50.00

— How to Write a Page Turning Novel or Story: Basics and Tricks … Dean Wesley Smith…. 8 videos… $50.00

— The Basics of Designing Science Fiction Covers … Allyson Longueira …. 8 videos… $50.00

— The Basics of Designing Mystery, Cozy, or Thriller Covers … Allyson Longueira …. 8 videos… $50.00

— Paying the Price: A Working Writer’s Mindset … Dean Wesley Smith…. 10 videos… $50.00

— Writing into the Dark: The Tricks and Methods of Writing Without an Outline… Dean Wesley Smith… 12 videos… $50.00

— Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… Dean Wesley Smith… 10 videos… $50.00

— Organization… Allyson Longueira… 8 videos… $50.00

— Confidence… Dean Wesley Smith… 10 videos… $50.00

— Short Stories to Novels… Dean Wesley Smith… 9 videos… $50.00


How to Sign Up

The prices are on each lecture in the list below as well as the number of videos included in the lecture. Again each video is about six to eight minutes long, with some being longer.

Simply go to http://wmg-publishing-workshops-and-lectures.teachable.com/ and sign up. The full list of lectures are there. Once you have bought a lecture, it will always remain available to you in your account at any point.

First videos of all lectures are free to help you decide if you are interested.

To sign up for the subscriptions, simply write me for instructions with the word Lectures in the subject line.

If you are signed up under the old system for a lecture, please just write me to get a new password into the lecture you have already paid for.


  • Julie

    These sound very interesting, Dean!

    Having just done the business workshop, I’m wondering if these new lectures are redundant with that or whether they would all offer material that would be new to people who’d done the workshop?

    Also, you said, ‘Full descriptions of each lecture are under the lecture tab at the top of this site’ but I don’t seem able to find it – I’m wondering if you can help point me at it. (Sorry if I’m missing something obvious!)

    • dwsmith

      Full descriptions of the Business workshops are not there yet because those have not been recorded yet. But put it this way, these workshops start where the six week basic business workshop left off. These are all ADVANCED and I do mean ADVANCED business stuff, stuff that most writers will have never thought about.

      I will try to put up a hoped-for summary of each workshop in the next day or so, our notes, basically, then change it out when the workshop is actually recorded. I’m going to be doing one per week. It takes Kris and I some time to put these together.

  • Denise

    Looking forward to the business lectures! If we order the big subscription, can we bank the credits and decide later which ones we want? I’ve got quite a few workshops in my queue now, and I’d like to finish those before deciding which lectures I need…

    • dwsmith

      Sure can, Denise. In fact, the idea originally on the subscription was to offer it for the one per month new ones we are doing, but then we decided to open it to the six business or any of the older ones anyone wants. Or any future one. So you can bank it for as long as you want. I even had one person ask this morning if they could get two subscriptions and bank those, since we have so many planned. I said why not, although we had never considered that one. (grin)