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New Lecture Available: Short Stories into Novels

Lecture #28

Short Stories to Novels

The Basics of When to Turn a Short Story into a Novel.

9 Videos.  This lecture covers the various ways that you can turn a short story into a novel. And what you need to do so. And when you should even consider doing so. This workshop covers the basics of the idea of turning a short story into a novel.

Price $50.00.

Sometimes short stories can start great novels. Sometimes a short story should remain just a short story and should never be expanded. This lecture will help you understand what you need to learn to figure out when and how to convert one form into a larger form.

This is just a lecture so it does not cover how to write a short story or how to write a novel. It assumes you already know that. The focus is when to turn a short story into a novel. And when not to.

Information on how to sign up under the Lecture Tab above or at www.wmgpublishingworkshops.com