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New In-Person Workshops Location


Yes, for future in-person workshops, we have moved to Resorts World. This is three major hotels in one place with a massive convention area. Brand new, with a ton restaurants on site, plus a ton of others close by.

Room rates through our workshop codes is $75 a night plus resort fees. THAT IS CHEAPER than the Golden Nugget was three years ago. And the rooms are all brand new and it is quiet!!

And since these are writing workshops, there is about a billion places to sit and write not counting your room.

The first workshop to be held there is the FANTASY CAPER class starting on January 9th. Taught by Kris in person and with me doing the study-along class on line, it will be fantastic fun.

We have room for two more in January in person. Workshop fee is $1,000 (refundable or transferable). (There is always room in the Study-Along class on Teachable.)

I will give a full list of the seven new in-person workshops and the information on how to get a code to sign up for the room for the first one. DO NOT CONTACT RESORTS WORLD until you have the coupon code. Trust me, you will pay a ton more since they are Hiltons/Conrads.

And there is no where else to stay close by that is cheaper than $75 that you would be able to write in, so if you are not local, you must stay in the Resorts World to attend.

Interested in signing up for any in-person workshop, contact me. Full list and more information in a few days.