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Moral Rights

A Friend Reminded Me…

That I had not yet talked about moral rights in the Bite-Sized Copyright class. He did not intend to, just sent me a great moral rights topic  letter., So I just finished recording that for Monday morning. Basics, but considering most writers don’t even understand copyright or licensing, I had to keep it basic.

And nope, will not explain it here. Google is your friend for the basics. It is also in the Copyright Handbook which you should own.

Keeping it short this Friday night because after three full days now of my new exercise routine, I am beat up. Tonight I did 4 miles around the 7th Floor of our building because it as too warm to go outside and I had not made it to the gym. 4 miles of hallway is an adventure.

I did not even try to run because while swimming this morning I banged my knee on the bottom of the pool. My bad knee. But I made the 10,000 steps (5 miles) anyway. Without the streak that would not have happened.

Now might even consider icing my knee. Three days. A tiny streak, and no habits yet. I will get there.

Picture of my long hair… Been growing since the winter of 2019….