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Mentor Program Update

Almost the First of April…

Which means the first quarter of the year has gone by and I had a number of people (who are not in the mentorship program I offered this year) ask how that mentorship program is going.

The answer is simply, from my side, wonderfully. In fact, I am enjoying it a great deal.

Here is how I look at it. In essence, I am here for the writer. Any time for anything to help the writer move forward. I let each writer set the pace and I do my best to be supportive, but not pressure.

As it first started, I was back and forth with each person a bit, trying to get up to speed with what each person was doing. And after that I set up with each person at least an every Sunday check-in and update, so I can see if things are skewing off course.

I tend to answer anything within a few hours, except this last week or so which has had some bumps that will be explained next week. Then it has taken me a day a few times. But I mostly try to respond the moment I see a question, which means when I open my email a few times per day.

I have given opinions on covers, read blurbs, answered opinions on projects (I will not comment on a work in progress), given life support, and read a bunch of stories and a couple novels. In other words, I have had a blast.

And one of the writers signed up won’t even start until July 1st.

So, because this is working for me (and I think for the writers, but too early to tell for them) I will open this up to one more mentorship starting this quarter and going for a full year (and beyond, I won’t just vanish. Honest.)

The cost is $3,000 and you need to write me if interested in me being here for you for a full year on your writing and publishing world.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


  • Mike

    As someone who signed up early on, I would say that anybody even considering the program should 100% do it. Just the simple fact of checking in with Dean each week has been the only thing keeping me on anything resembling a track so far. And I’ve finished more stories already this year than any previous year (not exactly an Olympic gold medal but still a win, considering my schedule thus far).

    The way I thought about this before signing up was this: Dean is a pro writer, has been for decades. He’s probably forgotten more about this game than most of us would ever hope to know. If you have any aspiration of one day being in his shoes, how valuable would a year of learning from him be?

    I’ve always thought the biggest benefit of everything that WMG offers, as far as learning courses, is time. Sure, $3k is a lot of money. But you can make that back. You probably will, if you actually follow the advice and keep learning.

    Going straight to the fountain of knowledge with a question that might save you weeks, months, or years of your life (not to mention the frustration of trying to figure it out yourself)? That’s time that can be invested back into your writing. And time that you would never have gotten back otherwise.

  • Amy Laurens

    Yep, throwing in my 2c here too to say that this mentorship has already “earned” its money back in terms of helping me balance my mental health and sanity so far this year. Dean has been rigorous about helping me stick with a positive mindset regardless of some of the hurdles I’ve faced, and it’s kept me excited about the writing the whole time instead of feeling pressured and disappointed in my lack of progress at times.

    Thanks, Dean!

    And anyone thinking of signing up – if you can even maybe kind of sort of afford to squeak the money out of your budget, DO IT!!