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Me Talking On Another Podcast…

Every-So-Often I Lose My Mind and Say Yes…

I said yes to these guys because they are nice guys and they asked nicely and they look like they are having fun.

So, of course, I talked about Heinlein’s Rules and Writing into the Dark and the Magic Bakery.

It’s free and might be worth a listen if you are washing the dishes or cleaning out the cat boxes, or driving to the grocery store. I am my typical dogmatic self.

EP317: Dean Wesley Smith — Plug in to your Creative Voice and Play



  • Sam Linton

    I loved this. You are so consistent in saying the same things. I really hope writers try your methods and realize the freedom and fun that comes along with them. Thanks for singing the same song on repeat, Dean!

    • Joseph Cleary

      This was an enjoyable listen, and these guys are fun to as well. I’m curious to see who else they had on the podcast and may go back through their archive looking for gems as time allows.

  • Maggie King

    Dean ~ I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and never get tired of hearing about Writing Into the Dark and Heinlein’s Rules.

    And it was interesting to hear the podcast hosts talk after the interview ~ many of their comments show how the writing myths are still very much alive.

  • Julie

    I’ve heard you say those things many times and yet this time, I heard one at the very time I needed to hear it, so thanks!