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Master Business Class Officially Online

To No One’s Surprise…

The 2021 Master Business Class was to be held here in Las Vegas in October, but now has been moved online.

And we will never have another Master Business class in person. The 2020 one was scheduled to be the last one, then because of Covid we moved the last one to October 2021. But folks, even with the miracle of the vaccines, October is still too early. And, of course, we have idiots out there who will not get vaccinated and Kris and I and WMG Publishing can’t force everyone attending to be vaccinated and prove it.

And those of you jumping on planes can’t trust that the person beside you isn’t an idiot. There are still a thousand people a day in this country dying of this horrid thing. It might feel we are coming out of all this, but not there by a long ways yet, sadly. October is too early to cram 50 writers into a low-ceiling, bad ventilation conference room for four days.

However, I think Kris and I have made the Master Business Class online even better by a long, long ways than it ever could have been in person.

I have written just about everyone who was signed up explaining the nifty new online class that will start in July and go to May of 2022. I will talk about all the details more here when we get closer to July and we have a few more ironed out. But if you were signed up and didn’t get a letter from me today or tonight, write me.

The world changes, we change with it. Here in Nevada, starting on Monday, vaccines are open to everyone 16 and above. All the casinos are setting up vaccination sites in their casinos to make sure every employee is vaccinated and they are making it a part of their job, just like kids going to schools must be vaccinated every year for other diseases.

So stay safe, get the vaccine, listen to the science, and wear the mask when in public.


  • Connor Whiteley

    Hi Dean, this sounds great. I hope it goes well.
    Will there be an opportunity for people who didn’t sign up last year because it was in-person to sign up for the online masterclass this year?
    Thanks in advance,

    • dwsmith

      Connor, yes, you can sign up right now if you want. It’s on Teachable, at least the Bundle of all 25 plus classes is there. So to answer your question, yes. (grin)

  • E. R. Paskey

    This is very intriguing news… I’m guessing the class will be a mix of teachable videos and webinars?

    I was rather bummed last fall because I knew there was no way I’d be able to make it to the last Master Class (was due with a baby this January and will still be nursing her in October), but an online class? That might be doable. *grin*

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    • dwsmith

      It’s online now, at least the bundle part of it to sign up for the entire thing at any time. It is the Business Master Class.

  • Mark Kuhn

    Happy to say my wife got her first Pfizer shot yesterday and I get my 2nd Pfizer shot April 10th. We both went to a county regional facility here in New Jersey. Incredibly organized, doctors, National Guard and nurses all over the place and heavy police security.
    Two weeks after my 2nd shot it will really feel good to maybe bowl a few games, but I will be wearing a double mask until whenever. That will not change until the all clear notice goes out.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Very sensible, Dean, and also more affordable because of the travel aspect of it. I’ll miss seeing people in person (nothing new for any of us,) but this might open a window to us writers who live in the same area, and who are vaccinated, to rent a house for a long weekend and do a writer’s retreat with all that money we save.
    Just a thought. (By a “writer’s retreat” I mean a place where people keep set writing hours, then go out and expore, and get to talk at night. It can work if schedules are agreed upon.)
    As to October 2021 being too soon, your decision makes me feel a lot better about having asked my daughter to take her 3rd year off college. She wanted to do the spring semester of her junior year in England, and I think early 2022, a year from now or earlier, will still be dicey with all the variants popping up. I feel bad for her, but she isn’t alone.

    • dwsmith

      Actually travel will be the same if you attend the licensing expo at the end in May 2022. And Master Business people will be all over the Expo, having lunch together, talking, and then meeting at night in the suite. Should be a blast. So much to see and learn.

      And yes, the more I am hearing from people, the more relieved they are. And world travel is still damn near impossible. Parts of France are closing down again. Parts of the United States are spiking again. We are a long ways from being out of this yet due to idiots.

  • Mo

    Hi Dean,

    I am trying to find the 2021 Master Business Class on WMG teachable but cannot find it for the life of me. Was it taken down? Thank you

    • dwsmith

      Yes, it will be back up after the half price sale. WMG won’t allow it to be on the half-price sale because it would not be fair to those who already paid for it for the in-person version and also it is just too much stuff over the coming year to discount. Way, way too much stuff. Sorry about that.