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Make 100 Short Story Paperbacks Launched

A Kickstarter For Me To Make

100 Short Story Paperbacks…

I just launched it.

Going to be great fun. 100 short stories in paperback form, as well as electronic form, as well as in a set of collections. Most, if not all of these short stories will be original, never published anywhere.

And I am doing all the work, including the covers, the layout, everything but the large collection books.

Here is what one of the short stories will look like.

And here is what a cover of a Smith’s Monthly looks like, which will be starting back up this spring. Notice the branding? (grin)


Yes, like any Kickstarter we do, this has some deals on regular workshops and lectures as well as a deal on the Pop-Up series. You can get credits for workshops through the Kickstarter.

And, of course, you can get a reduced price Lifetime Workshop or Lecture Subscription through the Kickstarter.

I am really excited about getting 100 of my short stories into paperback form and branded to my name. I am so excited about this and hope some of you will support it.

Here is the link. Make 100 Paperbacks

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