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Main Caper Workshop Over…

Novella Caper Workshop Starting Up…

You had to have taken the study along caper or been here in Vegas at the regular caper workshop to take the novella one.

It was a fun four days and I learned a bunch, let me tell you.

Now starting on Monday night for us, and Tuesday for the Expo, next week is going to be the Licensing Expo. WMG Publishing will have a suite in the Luxor that will be a meeting place for writers every night starting Monday night ahead of the expo. I will be putting out information on the suite on the Master Business Class in the next few days and then on Monday, after we get the suite, I’ll put the room number on the Master Business Class. It will start at 8pm every evening. Expo closes at 5, so time to have a decent dinner.

Or a nap. Kris and I were at Mandalay Bay and the Luxor for a few hours this afternoon, searching out restaurants that Kris can eat. We ended up having lunch in the Burger Bar, which was good. There are at least five good restaurants in the Mandalay Bay and Luxor that Kris will have zero issue eating at. Yay!!

But I almost got all my 7,000 daily steps just looking at restaurants. Oh, are my feet going to hurt next week for three days? Yikes.


Doing very well in just over two days. Hit the 4th stretch goal, which means four more Kris books, plus three of the really fun SERIES INTERVIEW new classes. Only eight days left, since this is a very short campaign.

Also, the two special three-week workshops in this one are great. CREATING LARGER THAN LIFE CHARACTERS is a workshop we kept thinking would be a regular workshop. But turns out it fits perfectly with all the larger than life characters Kris creates, and also in the three week format.

What characters of Kris are larger than life? Smokey Dalton to start. Boss. Miles Flint. And a number of others. She is really good at doing that.

But remember you can only get the special workshops through the Kickstarter. So in eight days that chance is gone. Poof.

Check it all out, plus half price on the Lifetime Workshop subscription and Lifetime Pop-Up subscription. Two great deals there.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch Starter Kit.

And you really want to watch the cool video Kris did. Check it out.


  • David Wisehart

    The study-along workshop was great. I learned a lot, and had fun. Thanks to you and Kris both. Wish I could have been there in person. Maybe someday.