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Lots of Fun Reading This Week

Got Cave Creek Stories In…

I need 30 stories for the three books. Ten per book. And got just about that number in total not spread that evenly over the books. So looks like I will have a second call out to those in the Shared World Class. I had no doubt that would be the case, but was surprised at the low number.

Also, a note: The Shared World class originally said nine months, but now it will be going for at least another year. Lots of stuff already there, more videos on putting these together, and more anthologies down the road. And yes, it is still possible to sign up. And write for the next wave or the future anthologies.

I will be reading the stories I did get in over the next two or three days, as long as my eye holds out. Then will do a new video in the class and such next weekend. So those in the Shared World class, stay tuned.

And please do not write me with your reason for not turning in a story. These are professional level anthologies and I honestly don’t care why you couldn’t do it. Maybe next round. So don’t write me. Okay? Just hold on until the weekend.

These books will be out in May, so my deadline is tight. Looking forward to the reading.