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Loading the Truck Tomorrow Morning

Spent Another 16 Hour Day Today…

Exhausted doesn’t begin to describe it. And I have no idea how the largest UHaul will hold all the stuff it needs to hold.

I could not have gotten this close to being ready without the fantastic help of Chris and Steve York and Cameron in the evenings. Chris made sure I was fed and she and I packed up the kitchen and she has been rounding up a ton of stuff while Steve has taken on the task of taking off the walls about a thousand shelving units, over thirty of which need to go to Vegas with me for the new office. And Chris will run a huge Craig’s list sale of some amazing stuff.

So a totally nuts day. For example this morning I had just finished packing up the Pulphouse collection and was going to take apart the shelf they had been on for years so I had more room for filing boxes. I had to close a door that was never closed normally and there, on the wall behind the door was a large, signed and limited and framed fantasy illustration. Hadn’t seen it in years. Then a few hours later as I was moving boxes of filing out of our old sound room, I found my three signed and framed original Ward drawings. Sort of had wondered where those had gotten to. I had put them in there seven or eight years ago because it was dark in there.

So tomorrow is pack the truck and car day. Going to be interesting, that’s for sure. And the adventure continues.



  • Philip

    Dean, I don’t know whether you’ve seen much on this but there’s this whole “minimalist” movement that’s big on the internet. It’s basically twenty something kids trying to outdo each other with owning less and less. For example, a kid will go on YouTube and brag that they live alone so they only own a single fork, knife and spoon. Things like that.

    Anyway, your post reminds me of why I’m anti “minimalist.” Isn’t it awesome to own cool stuff? I love in a studio apartment and just bought yet another bookcase, this one strictly for my favorite short story collections. I also hang art and photos on the walls. To me, it makes a house a home to be surrounded by stuff you love, and as a writer it gets the creative juices flowing.