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List of Classic Workshops and Lectures

For Those Who Grabbed the Writer Gift Box…

Anyone who got the writer gift box will not only get a bunch of writing books, but a Classic Workshop and a Lecture of your choice. Happy Holidays from WMG Publishing.

Instructions and links to the books will go out tomorrow morning.

Below is a list of the Classic Workshops now available. Five new ones have been moved over to classic now. How to Study, Edit Yourself, Secondary Plot Lines, Think Like a Publisher, and the Business of Publishing.

Included in the list of lectures to pick from are the three quarters of Tip of the Week, plus the Advanced Business Lectures and the three negotiations lectures.

So 37 lectures and 17 Classic Workshops to pick from.

You can also get a lifetime subscription to the lectures and a lifetime subscription to the workshops, which also includes all regular workshops. Teachable.

To get full descriptions of any workshop or lecture, go to Teachable and click on the lecture or workshop to get the description. If you have a credit for a holiday box, after you decide which one you want, write me and I will send you a code to get into it.


How to Study
How to Edit Yourself
Secondary Plot Lines
Think Like a Publisher
Publishing Business
Writing Thrillers
Writing Series
Adding Suspense
Character Voice
Ideas to Story
Genre Structure
Plotting with Depth
Science Fiction


Negotiating: They Come to You
Negotiating: You Go to Them
Negotiating: After the Deal
Tip of the Week: 1st Quarter 2018
Tip of the Week: 2nd Quarter 2018
Tip of the Week: 3rd Quarter 2018
Heinlein’s Rules
Writing into the Dark
How to Write a Short Story
Read Like a Writer
Writer’s Block and Procrastination
Carving Out Time for Your Writing
How to Research
Pen Names
Master Plot Formula
Stages of a Fiction Writer
Starting or Restarting
Writing as Investment
Think Like a Science Fiction Writer
How to Write a Page-Turning Story
Designing a SF Cover
Designing a Mystery/Thriller Cover
Paying the Price
Short Stories to Novels
Corporations for Writers
Taxes for Writers
Movie and Television Negotiations
Will and Estates for Writers
IP Valuation



  • Peggy

    Darn it! I meant to get the writer’s mystery box for my sister, but discovered last night I was too late. Next year!

  • emmiD

    Oh my! I just read my first book in the writers gift box, Write a Novel in 10 Days. So many snippets in there about process and production! Thank you again for this great Christmas gift. I’m eager to get to the next book.