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Lifetime Subscription to Everything!

Yes, That Means Everything…

I just worked it out with WMG Publishing today to put up a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION TO EVERYTHING, meaning all things on WMG Teachable.

Now and everything new we add in the future.

Here is what it covers…

  • All the classes and lectures and workshops covered under all the other Lifetime Subscriptions…
  • All Collection Classes…
  • All Advanced Craft Classes
  • All stand-alone challenges and classes.
  • And everything we add going into the future in any area… No exclusions… Everything.

The cost is $10,000. (You can get that on Teachable now.)

If you have one lifetime subscription, the cost is $8,000. (You must write me.)

If you have three or more lifetime subscriptions, the cost is $6.000. (You must write me.)

And the reason I am posting this now is that the sale is still going on and you can get this for half of those prices until Wednesday.

The Sale

The monthly big sales were over last October. And they still are. But after five months a bunch of factors have come together to suggest we should do a surprise half-price sale right now.

So we are using the code:


Just hit purchase on anything on WMG Teachable and then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will have the class or workshop or lifetime subscription or whatever at half price.

This sale will go until Wednesday night. After that I got a hunch it will be longer than five months until a possible next big one, if ever.


Challenge… I posted my numbers for the first two days on my blog on the right.

You can still get into the Dean Challenges until Wednesday, even though they started on the 1st.


  • Stacey

    If we win the full Dean Challenge (especially if we already own other lifetime subscriptions), could we choose this one for the prize? That would be amazing!!

    • dwsmith

      Nope. This one will never be a prize. Just too much. However, for those who are picking up the Lifetime To Everything subscription, which includes all the challenges, we are coming up with special prizes from WMG for them. And if you already own all the lifetime subscriptions, I got a hunch we can work out a special prize from WMG for you as well. (grin)

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    Heya Dean! 🙂

    So, I could really use this challenge right now. I’ve 11th hour signed up.

    Back in the day, you helped me launch myself as a professional writer. Your blog articles in the earliest indie years helped teach me what I needed to know to get here. Can’t ever tell you enough how grateful I am.

    The last few years, I’ve been working for a publisher more and more, doing my own stuff less and less. It’s good work and the pay is fine, but I’ve realized lately it’s also stifled me. All of a sudden, going back to my own work is bringing up all the stupid old fears.

    Best way I’ve found to deal with fear is to challenge my way through it, so I’m in. 🙂 Thanks for making this happen, and here’s to a great rest of our year!

    • dwsmith

      Kevin, yup, discovered when doing Pulphouse that my writing went down to almost nothing but I was publishing everyone else. That wore on me more than anything. Now we have Allyson running WMG and Kris and I just write and edit a few things. Much better. (grin)

  • Pur

    I just moved to a cheaper rental and it’s time to start saving. This will likely only happen for me on a sale, whenever the next one might be (if), but the savings are huge and I’m too young to pass it up if I can manage it. If I can’t then I’ll at least be able to manage one of the other lifetimes.