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Less Than 40 Hours Left in Crimes Collide

I Am Very Proud of These Books…

Last year we did Colliding Worlds, where Kris and I each put ten science fiction short stories into a book and did six books for a total of 120 stories. This year in CRIMES COLLIDE we put ten mystery stories from me and ten from Kris into a book. Five books for a total of 100 stories. 50 from me, 50 from Kris.

Crimes Collide Kickstarter Campaign

No matter what reward you take, you will get all five volumes of CRIMES COLLIDE.

Plus we have some amazing stretch rewards as we hit certain goals along the way. Right now we have gone by the 7th stretch reward, so every backer will not only get the five CRIMES COLLIDE, but will also get seven more books to read.

And for writers, not only do we have two very special workshops that you can only get through this campaign (meaning in the next forty hours), we also are giving away a writing class worth $150 with each stretch reward. And these are very special classes on the Who, What, and How to study different aspects of mystery fiction. Six of those classes have been hit so far, giving everyone who is a backer $900 in workshops. And we have a good chance in 40 hours to hit more stretch rewards and give more books and workshops away to backers.

So help us pass the word.

Crimes Collide Kickstarter Campaign

And one point of interest. At the bottom of the awards we have some regular workshops and Pop-Ups at half price. So you can get those at half price like we do on a sale, and get the five CRIMES COLLIDE books plus all the books and writing classes in the stretch rewards. Now those are amazing deals.

And by far and away, for writers if you are thinking about all the Regular and Classic Workshops WMG Publishing offers, there is a Lifetime Subscription to all of them for half price.

And get that for half price, get all the books, plus $900 in writing classes or more on the stretch rewards. The Lifetime Subscription has over $5,000 in workshops included in it. So that half price of $1,500 plus all the extras you get is far and away the best deal in this campaign.

But only less than 40 hours to grab it.

Crimes Collide Kickstarter Campaign


  • Cheryl

    Dean — on the only-access-here classes, and specifically on the writing endings one, what level writer should give it a pass as ‘you’re not ready for this’? (thx)

    • dwsmith

      You can take these at any level. Writing is not like going through classes in college. Some writers (since we are all readers) have picked up some skills and not know it, while others have never tried a skill and need to work on it. So thinking writing is a straight line, like start here and go up each class is just not how it works with writing. You learn in whole, one bit at a time, but still it fits in a whole. So these classes would be great for any level writer, no matter what the writer thinks they are at.

      Levels in writing is usually only in a writer’s head, to be honest. If a writer thinks they are a beginner, they will act like one and block certain information. It is a critical voice problem that makes sure the writer doesn’t move forward. The biggest part of learning as a writer is to learn how to get out of your own way and become aware of new writing techniques.