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Last Hours Of Kickstarter

Enjoying Writers of the Future

Second full day here at Writers of the Future. Ended up doing a presentation today with Tim Powers and Jody Lyne Nye on the topic of Hollywood, which considering we are sitting in the middle of Hollywood sort of ironic. Had dinner with Rob Sawyer. Great time sitting in the bar talking with writers later. Fun day.

Tomorrow is the big event, so if you want to see me and Larry Elmore help each other across a stage to present awards in Tux’s, tune into the he live stream on writers of the

Also still got a Kickstarter going for a few more hours. So here is the information…


Plus ACTION: A Cold Poker Gang Collection

Both available in the new Kickstarter Campaign.

Just a few hours left. Ends Friday evening at 7 pm.

I really want to again remind you of the two fantastic Special Workshops as well, only available through this Kickstarter.

MURDER MOST COLD Special Workshop


Might be the two best special workshops we have done through a Kickstarter. You can only get them for four more days.

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