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Kristine Kathryn Rusch Starter Kit

Everything Sent Out…

Except the Interview Stretch Rewards with Kris…She and I are recording those now and as soon as we are done and I get them loaded, we will send out codes to get into them on Teachable

So if you didn’t get the ten books in the Starter Kit, or any of the other books, first check your spam filter, then make sure you are on your Kickstarter email, and if you still don’t have them by Tuesday, write to and Josh will track them for you.

Again, the interviews are not among this batch. Next and final batch.

Also, an update on the Fey Kickstarter.

LESSONS FROM THE FEY (the book) will be published on Thursday and headed out to everyone. That leaves only the videos and the workshop left for that, and again, Kris and I are working on that last detail.

Update on the PULPHOUSE MAGAZINE Kickstarter subscription drive from last year.

The very last anthology of Pulphouse stories that we gave away as stretch rewards will publishing and head out on Thursday as well. And Issue #18 is publishing in the next week also.

And we hope, starting on the 5th or so to have this year’s Pulphouse Magazine subscription drive launching. Fingers crossed.

And paperbacks from the Seeder’s Kickstarter finally went out and the signed/limited hardbacks will be early next month. And that is the last on that one as well.

Wow, are we wrapping up a bunch of stuff. And we even talked about the Diving lost game at the Licensing Expo, so never know even on that great lost thing. (grin)