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Kris Has a Birthday!

I Got Her Two Cakes…

Why? Well, because for a decade or more, the only cake Kris got was some ugly thing I baked. When we lived in Lincoln City, OR, the idea of dairy-free to the locals meant they didn’t put milk on it, but covered it in butter.

So we moved to Las Vegas where there are more major bakeries that do Vegan than we could visit in a day. (We managed six or seven one afternoon in only one area of town.)

So today (Sunday, June 4th) I am taking Kris with a group of friends out to her favorite (and safe) restaurant for a fun dinner and then we are all coming back here and having cake and deciding which cake is better. Of course, Kris will be the final judge.

Happy birthday, partner. I have loved all 37 birthdays I have spent with you and celebrate each one, even though at times I find it impossible to keep up.