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Kickstarter Campaign in the Works

Working On and Off On It All Weekend…

New WMG Holiday Spectacular 2020. If you remember from last year, this is the cool idea Kris came up with to basically do an Advent Calendar with fiction. People who sign up get an original story a day to read from November 26th to January 1st.

What a fun way to end this year, huh? Over 25 professional writers wrote stories for basically three books. 37 stories will be sent out in 37 days. And then the books will come out next October.

In fact, the three books from last Holiday Spectacular 2019 will be released this week. How cool is that?

But this year we went a bunch farther than last year. Kris expanded her idea to two more holidays. Valentines and Halloween. And she got Annie Reed to edit the Valentine one and Mark Leslie to edit the Halloween one. And those stories will be sent out in the days ahead of the holidays in a calendar form as well, and then put in books, with extra stories.

So this year the Holiday Spectacular goes over an entire year.

So in theory the Kickstarter for this project will launch on Thursday. Or early next week. It is in review right now at Kickstarter.

This is great fun and amazingly complex for WMG Publishing to figure out all the ins and outs of getting everyone a story a day, and get all the authors worked around. But they did it last year and looks like they are ready to fire again this year.

I will admit, I do have one story in this one. Kris asked for a holiday Poker Boy story and I gave her one, strange as only Poker Boy can be. But she won’t tell me (or any author) when my story will come out, so I will be as surprised as anyone when it does.

Also, we have a special workshop in this one as well where you can write for Kris for next year’s Holiday Spectacular.

Here are the covers of the five books. But you really want to read these stories and Kris’s daily introductions to the stories each day. That was how she designed it to be read and it is way, way cool. Of course, the books would be cool to get a year later as well. (grin)


  • Sara

    I really enjoyed the Holiday reading last year, and looking forward to another year of it. I will say that I found the daily downloads to be a bit much, would have much rather just had the story in the email or read it on a webpage or something like that. Just wanted to put in my $0.02 in case you looking at formatting. So glad you guys are making this a new tradition!

    • dwsmith


      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. This new one will be bigger and more stories.

      Most people want to get the story on their own preferred reader or device, so that’s why we do it that way.