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Just Writing Fiction Tonight…

The City is Quiet…

My email is quiet, and I want to do some reading tonight of stories I am behind reading, and Kris’s new novel. But first I’m going to spend a few hours just writing my own fiction.

To be honest, that feels weird. I normally have so many things that must be done yesterday, so much so that I work in the fiction writing late at night. But tonight I am going back to my schedule of getting to the fiction by midnight and if I can do that regularly, I will be back up to my old speed.

So during this time of forgetting for most writers, I will be picking up speed.

11:50 pm… time to go… got to start this new/old habit back up.


  • Emilia

    I did the math and with the villains collection I have 20 titles/themea for collections. Five of them have five or more stories written. I’ve been sending the stories out, but hadn’t noticed I had so many.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, great fun. Don’t do a collection with a story until you are done with the story making the rounds, of course. But fun to realize that, isn’t it?

      • Emilia

        It’s great fun. Also if I run out of ideas I have a prompt for my creative voice. How long should I keep sending a story to markets?

        • dwsmith


          My suggestion is to keep them out until you deplete all the 6 cent per word and up markets, or maybe two years, whichever comes first. If you are writing sf or fantasy, don’t forget Writers of the Future. Maybe the best-paying market in the field.

          • Emilia

            Thank you. I’ve sent stories to Writer’s of the Future. I even got an honorary silver mention for a short story I wrote for a workshop. I’ll keep on learning, writing and sending the stories out.