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Kickstarter is Jammed…

Just been waiting now for nine days for Kickstarter to approve our new campaign so we can launch it. Seems everyone should give them more time in the future. They wrote me and apologized and said they were doing the best they could. If approved tomorrow, I’ll give them the extra days. But from now on out we put campaigns in for approval two weeks ahead of when we want to launch. Just never expected this.

So with luck, tomorrow, I might do a post here with a link that we have launched. But I am not holding my breath, even though there is nothing wrong with our campaign and nothing wrong on the two we did before it. They just don’t have enough people, even for us with 24 campaigns behind us.

So two weeks people from the moment you put in for approval to the day you want to launch. At least until Kickstarter gets it shit back together.


  • emmiD

    Kickstarter may think it’s in a temporary boom, but the writing population will only increase. Your promotions through it and of it as well as the success of other writers has done an excellent job promoting it. (Sanderson is not included in my assumptions. His phenomenal success is only for the wish/dreamers.) oh well, we all know what happens when we assume 😉 .

    Time for Kickstarter to hire people.

    With the series I dreamed up this year, I think I might have a successful idea for a minor Kickstarter promo, but I’m not certain I should try it. That idea might merely be another distraction that my critical brain keeps throwing out to distract from writing and achieving success with the Great Publishing Challenge.

  • Connor Whiteley

    Thanks for this update. I’ll remember it for my early July Kickstarter for my 6 Bettie English Private Eye novellas.