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Just Started Half the September Workshops

Plus Three Collections Workshops…

Also, those of you who are in the second session of the special workshops from the last Kickstarter, those are up as well now.

I am going to have an easy September for assignments, from the looks of it. Five of the twelve workshops have no one in them.

So could be fun for me. (grin) If you want to jump into a September workshop, you can find the list to the right and get to them on WMG Teachable.


It will only be up for 10 days.

It is for the brand new Fey novel, the first in over 20 years. And some great workshops and other cool stuff as well.

Here is the cover and the sales copy. As I said before, those of you trying to learn sales copy might want to look at this one and then remember the first week of the Sales Copy workshop. (grin)

The Kirilli Matter

The First Book of the Qavnerian Protectorate 

Gripping, imaginative, and a tour-de-force of thrilling storytelling, New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s The Kirilli Matter launches her acclaimed Fey series into exciting new territory.

When the investigation of a brutal murder scene points to terrifying suspects, Augusta Kirilli must find a way to protect her family’s secrets—secrets so long buried, she must discover their meaning or risk her own destruction. Set in the world of The Fey and masterfully blending fantasy and steampunk elements, Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Qavnerian Protectorate saga adds rich new dimension to this powerfully written series.

From its shocking opening to the deepening mystery at its conclusion, this groundbreaking novel takes epic fantasy in a whole new direction and proves Rusch’s place as the greatest storyteller of our time.