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Just Hours Left!!

Just Hours Left!

The  only has eleven hours left as I write this around 4 a.m. Pacific Time.

What is in the subscription drive? Discounted subscriptions, of course, on Fiction River and Fiction River Presents. Both electronic and paper.

We are also offering a package of writing books.

And discounted lectures and discounted online workshops.

And since we have hit the fourth stretch goal, even if you sign up for a workshop you get four free books as well as a Fiction River subscription.

That’s right… FOUR FREE BOOKS for the support.

Discounts on Workshops!

Numbers of people have taken advantage of either the single workshop or the three workshop package. These subscription drives every two years are the only times we ever discount the online workshops.

If you have gotten a workshop on Kickstarter and would like to get another one at the discount, simple up your pledge on Kickstarter the same amount and we’ll ask you about it when we do the survey after it’s all over. Or you can take advantage of the special offer below to get the workshop direct, but only for the next few hours.

And it is the only time we discount the subscriptions for Fiction River as well.

And remember, if you get workshops or writing books through this Kickstarter, you also get a Fiction River subscription for some great reading, plus the four free books for the stretch goals.

This deal right now is about as good as it gets. Don’t miss it!!


Until the Kickstarter campaign ends, if you have signed up for the workshop level on Kickstarter  if you want to add more workshops in, like two or three more, write me. You can pick them out later, but we will give you the discount for more.

This is because Kickstarter only allows one reward per person and I have been contacted by a few people wondering about getting more or two of the three-workshop reward. 

No time limit on when you can take the workshops or what you are going to take. You can decide that later, but to get the Kickstarter discount, you need to pay for the extra workshops when you sign up. 

For example, we will be adding in a new workshop in January and another in March. You can decide to take those when they are announced. No need to decide now for the one or three through Kickstarter or the extras if you want them.  Write me with questions. But offer is only good for one more day.


Totals For Year 4, Month 2, Day 19

Writing in Public blog streak… Day 1,096

Over 10,000 steps streak… Day 81

Running Miles This Month… 7 miles

Total Miles This Month… 99 miles

— Daily Fiction: 00 original words. Fiction month-to-date: 3,000 words  

— Nonfiction: 00 new words. Nonfiction month-to-date total: 800 words 

— Blog Posts: 200 new words. Blog month-to-date word count: 6,000 words

— E-mail: 31 e-mails. Approx. 2,600 original words.  E-mails month-to date: 281 e-mails. Approx. 18,100 words

— Covers Designed and Finished: 0. Covers finished month-to-date: 0 Covers


— Year of Short Fiction Goal: 120 stories (July 1st to June 30th). Stories finished to date: 8 stories.

— Yearly Novel Goal: 12 Novels. Novels finished to date: 2 novels.


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