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Having Fun

I Love Time Travel Stories…

And I really love time travel romance stories. My favorite Lifetime Christmas movie is the old trope of letters through time through an old mailbox. They made it work. Amazing for those kinds of movies.

Well, right now I am teaching (with Kris’s help, of course), a Time Travel Romance Study Along. I was going to teach it as an in-person class as well, but only a couple signed up, so I am having fun with the Study Along.

And getting to read some amazing stories. Eye is slowly getting better, so that I can. Yay!

If you ask why I can teach a romance class, read my THUNDER MOUNTAIN series. It is time travel romance.

The two in-person workshops that Kris is teaching in May and July are both a go and we are contracted with the hotel and everything. May she is teaching Romantic Suspense and in July it is Fantasy Thriller.

Both have spots open, and of course, I will be doing the Study Along classes with both of those from her notes and you can always sign up for those if you can’t make it here. In fact, she just put out the reading list for May. It’s a fun one.

Write me if interested in the In-Person classes.

So now I need to get back to reading. Easter Egg from Monday’s blog is still active.