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I Warned You There Would Be Pictures

Actually Only One Photo Is Needed…

About fourteen writers from the anthology workshop got up early and went out to run. Plus about five writers to cheer us on. Super fun. We had doughnuts waiting for us back in the anthology suite in the hotel for when we got done running and before we started into the workshop.

The run was a 5k charity run with lots of celebs and others from around Vegas out to support it.

Joe Cron said we should do a group shot before the start and we got photo-bombed by two members of the Blue Man Group. (One is holding the boombox over Joe’s head. I didn’t know the other one was behind me at that moment.)

Maybe one of the most fun running photos I have seen.

Only in Vegas.



  • Kate Pavelle

    This was a great time! Not only because of the company and the vibe, which was sublime, but because now I know I’ll cycle through my current WIP and inflict altitude sickness on at least one of my characters who’s out in the high desert, doing active adventurous stuff 🙂 #writingresearch
    And thank you for the dairy-free donuts! I haven’t had anything resembling a good cream (bavarian or whipped) in years!