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How To Write a Holiday Crime Story Workshop…

All Letters to Those Signed Up Are Out…

Thanks to all of you for the support of the WMG 2020 Holiday Spectacular. Really appreciated.

In the letter are the instructions on how you can sign into either the December 1st workshop or the January 5th workshop. Your choice.

If you can’t find the letter I sent you, look in the address you used for Kickstarter first.

Then look in your spam filter.

Then once you have exhausted all possible locations where my letter might be, then write me and I will make sure you are on the list from Josh first, and second, if you are I will send you a new letter.

Kris and I have this workshop laid out and it’s going to be fun and tough at the same time. So again, thanks for the support on the Kickstarter. It was very much appreciated.

And speaking of the nifty calendar of stories, you can still sign up for the daily stories and get the ones that were sent out this weekend, since it started on Thursday. So don’t miss getting some amazingly good stories every day from now until January 1st. Check it out at

Stay safe out there.