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Great Writing Classes Starting Tuesday

A Lot of Writing Classes Starting Up…

But tonight I wanted to point out two of them starting on July 2nd.



Both of these are 9 weeks long with eight assignments.

And, of course, we have the two bundles of advanced classes, one with the six from 2023 and one with the six from 2024. They will all be repeated in 2025, but still over a half year of them here in 2024. Worth grabbing both bundles with the bundle sale happening. But the two classes starting in July are great ones.

Also, the five regular July workshops are now posted.

  • #04… July 2nd… Writing into the Dark
  • #05… July 2nd… Teams in Fiction
  • #06… July 3rd… Writing with Depth (start with this one)
  • #08… July 3rd… Killing Critical Voice
  • #10… July 3rd… Advanced Depth


Any bundle is 50% off on Teachable. And we are still adding in new bundles to focus on certain topics We have six now with more coming soon.

To get a bundle at half price, simply go to WMG Teachable, find the bundle or bundles you want, and hit purchase. Then put in the code…


And hit apply and you will have it for 50% off. And most bundles are really good deals to start with.

We are doing this because we are launching the FOCUS BUNDLE series.

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